Get to Know Becka


1. Share a little about yourself:
I’m Becka, I run my own full-time photography business, I’m also a singer-songwriter/musician. I love painting, sewing, woodworking with my husband, horseback riding, ballroom dancing, camping, my two cats Klaus and Radish, the color yellow, coffee, and popcorn. I also have an intense fear of heights and outer space.

2. When did you decide to become an artist?
Well I didn’t really decide to become an artist, I’ve just always been one. I grew up in a very artist family, we always had instruments and room to explore our interests. My parents have always been really encouraging with the arts so my siblings and me were always in art classes, theatre camps, bands, sewing groups…

becka-book-windowseat-23. What (or who) inspires you?
My siblings, my faith, my grandmother’s Native American heritage, traveling, music, Sufjan Stevens, U2, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, nature, my nephews and nieces.

4. How to you stay motivated or inspired?
Staying busy and keeping up with my faith. I find if I ignore God everything else gets whack. And staying busy and trying new things definitely keeps me in awe and inspired daily. The more people I meet and new situations I get into makes me feel and see more. Music is always inspiring as well.

5. If you could give one bit of advice to your 18 year old self, what would it be?
Oh geez… I’d say, let yourself create things that aren’t always happy. I was told once at a young age that creating something that wasn’t uplifting was pointless and it stuck with me too long. I’d tell my 18 year old self that being honest with your creativity is a form of grieving and healing; it’s therapy really! Some of the best songs, paintings, and photographs come from devastation, heartbreak, and loss.

Becka-Feet-Water-16. What is your favorite word? Least favorite?
WIZARD (said like: WIIIIZZAAAAAARRRRRRD) Least favorite…eh…probably “pus”. bleh.

7. What has been your proudest moment?
That’s a hard one. I have NO idea. I think they’d include getting a degree, going full-time with my business, getting married, and buying a house.

8. What three things would you still like to do before you die?
Release an album, own a horse, have a child.

9. What is your biggest distraction?
The past.

image (1 of 1)-14410. What is a question we didn’t ask, but you would love to answer?
“What is your dream car?” WELL it’s a 1975 mint green Ford Bronco!


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