Waterfalls and Caves- March’s Shoot

Two girls. A ukulele and a camera. Many waterfalls. One mountainside to conquer. And we did it! (And then at the final overlook, Becka conveniently remembers another parking lot with a flat trail that leads directly to that same spot…..)

Top-Crabtree-Falls-1For March’s shoot, we decided to brave the great outdoors with a short day trip to Crabtree Falls. Creeks, waterfalls, open trails….a multitude of whimsical spots to grab a few photos.


We played along the creek…

PicMonkey Collage

Amy-Camera 1With rocks….

RocksAnd in caves…..


The above shot may have come from a brief moment where a rustling in the cave led us to believe that we might meet our immediate end….but since nothing actually appeared…we laughed it off and…quickly left.

Ukulele-Wood-2Amy-Cave-UkeBekah-Cave-1The grand finale was taking some shots at the bottom of the trail…where we began our uphill walk only a few hours before. Most of the other folks we had seen throughout the day had cleared out, gifting us a serene few moments by the base of the waterfall.waterfallstandAmyandBekah-CrabtreeFalls-2Amy-Waterfall-Uke-2

Actually, I (Amy) think some of my favorite shots from the day came from our spontaneous stop at a cemetery just as the sun was setting. My favorite! And as the hour passed, a lonely church bell rang as we climbed back in the car. Many of the graves were from the early 1900’s….oh to know the stories those bones hold.Amy Cox Music, Rebekah Brunson Photography. Rose Dress in a cemetery. Amyandbecka.wordpress.com

Amy Cox Music, Rebekah Brunson Photography. Sunset over the cemetery. Amyandbecka.wordpress.com

Amy Cox Music, Rebekah Brunson Photography. Sunset Mountains. Amyandbecka.wordpress.comYay for another successful venture in creative collaboration! Thanks for coming along on the adventure with us and allowing us to share. Check out our other Project 12 Photo Shoots:




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