April Showers Photoshoot

It really was a lot to ask that the day we scheduled a few weeks in advance would come equipped with rain showers for our April shoot. So imagine how surprised we were the night before to pull up the weather forecast to see RAIN slated for the afternoon? It was too good to be true because the sun was doing a mighty fine job of shining when we set up shop in a backyard. Those rains clouds? They somehow skirted around our yard and poured bucketfuls of precipitation ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD. Oh well, we made it work, with a hose tied to the deck. Umbrellas-Fence 8

Umbrellas-Fence 11UmbrellasandUkesUmbrellas-Fence 23Becka Rainboots 1UmbrellaFunAmy-Rain 4Becka-Umbrella-Rain 3Amy-Rain 42Becka-Umbrella-Rain 7BW Amy-Rain 3Becka Hair Flip 1BW Amy-Rain 7BW Becka-Umbrella-RainI’ll let these pretty pictures speak for themselves….but we had a pretty good time taking a cold shower from a hose in a backyard. Maybe I’ll share a few shots next time of how pained I (Amy) looked most of the time….it’s hard to step under the forceful blast AND look happy about it. :o)

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