Behind the Scenes- Jan-April

If one of our purposes of Project 12 is to create an archive of creative projects and what we’ve learned in the process, four months in seems a good time to peel back the curtain and share a couple of things we’ve experienced.

January- Glitter

In January, we started with the train station (no real secrets here, it’s your pretty standard, walk-in and take photos place), but we also wanted to take some glitter shots. so we went out into a field as the sun set and I would take a handful of glitter and attempt to blow it into the wind. Later, Becka had to add some more glitter in post production to get the effect in the picture, but we were both washing glitter out of our hair and clothes for DAYS AFTERWARDS.


February- Bookstore

We had oh so much fun with Cozy Tales, playing in Riverby books in Fredericksburg, VA for a day. We did shoot them a message the week before, to politely ask if it would be ok to take some photos and if the time we were thinking of would work. Their response was AMAZING. They were welcoming and appreciative that we had asked and said to come right on down….and that we couldn’t move any of the furniture.

Amy Cox Music. Photo cred: Rebekah Brunson Studios. Project 12. Shoot #2.

March- The Hike

March’s shoot, Waterfalls and Caves, included some stunning shoots on a mountainside with the waterfalls as our backdrop. We hiked the mountain first (only a couple of miles to the top) to scope out potential locations to take some shots. We lucked out with the weather as it was last February and easily in the high 60’s/low 70’s temperature wise and a sunny day.

We didn’t slip into the dresses¬†until we found a place to take pictures on the way back down. Then any time we headed to a new spot, I would yank my yoga pants back on, change into my sneakers, and hike the dress up and tie it around my waist.

I (Amy) did find that by lightly pinning my hair back for the hike up the mountain, I maintained many of my waves/curls for when picture time came. It’s hard to do any sort of makeover on the mountainside, so we pretty much worked with what we had, sweat and all.

Amy-Uke-Top of MountainAmy-Fixing Hair-1

April- Making it Rain

It’s hard to schedule a rainy day shoot for an actual rainy day when it’s two or three weeks ahead of time. So we were really excited when the forecast called for rain. BUT THE FORECAST LIED. It was sunny with storm clouds off in the distance. So we had to get a little creative in Becka’s parent’s backyard. The original plan was to use a sprinkler, but when we couldn’t find it, we settled for tying the hose to the deck to create a patch of rain…. so amazing……and so hard to look pleasant and happy underneath.

Hose on Deck

The beautiful thing about this project, is that each month leads us in an entirely different direction…. this summer we’ve got a shoot that will actually have more people than just Becka and I! And we are learning to stretch ourselves creatively and collaboratively… let’s see what comes next!


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