Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Photo Shoot

It’s our biggest photo shoot yet!! We commandeered a friend’s wooded backyard and transformed a little clearing beside the woodshed into a magical wonderland of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Then we invited those friends to join us for an afternoon of photos, dodging raindrops, and lots of laughter. We loosely interpreted the characters of Alice in Wonderland and this is what we captured…

Mad Hatters Tea Party 27

Alice Collage 1Tea Cups and Cookies

Mad hatter decor 1Alice Collage 2Mad Hatter with Alice 13Mad HatterMad Hatter 2

White Rabbit and Alice 4

White Rabbit 2Queen of Hearts and White Rabbit 4QueenofHeartsQueen of Hearts and Alice 4.Caterpillar with Alice 2Caterpillar 3Cheshire and Alice 4Cheshire Cat 2Alice Group Croquet 8

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