After Dark- July’s Shoot

After six months of taking photos in the daylight it was finally time….. for our first night shoot complete with glow sticks, a black light flashlight, and glow in the dark make up. After spending the early evening painting our faces and clothes, we drove to Old Town Alexandria and with the lights across the river as our backdrop, we came up with our oddest set of photos yet!

I can’t believe how the paint in the light….

Amy and Becka No Glow 20.jpg

Becomes so spooky in black light!Amy and Becka Glow in the Dark Make Up 1.jpgbeckaglowcollage.jpgAmy Double Layer Glow.jpg

Becka Glow 7.jpgAmy writing collage.jpgamyglowcollage.jpgAmy and Becka Move 1.jpg

Amy and Becka Write 2.jpgAmy and Becka Move 5.jpgAmy and Becka Move 4.jpg

Until next time!

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